1) "Poetry is the universal language..." - William Hazlitt

1) Memory Poem

Treasure Isn't Treasure

It is opened then tossed,
set to sit alone, and become trash.
But one's trash is another's treasure.
Born with curiosity and ignorant to life;
he sees; he conquers and gathers the rubies.

Over the bridge he crosses everyday,
he looks and watches the four wheel machines go.
In the left with his treasure in his hand,
he smiles and wants to share his fortune.

So the gate he climbs with his treasure in his left,
he empties and watches it shine;
reflecting from Earth's natural light bulb.
Down one-two-then three,
targeting and hitting the foul wheel machines.

He is happy for his generosity,
while patrols aren't pleasant to see what's in there sight.
Little one... come, one yells,
get in this machine and back to your mother you shall go.
The thoughts on how the mother will be pissed,
for her, little baby, has committed a crime.

2) Riff Poem (steal a line and make it your own)

Phenomenally You

(Coleman Barks)
I see the beauty in you.
I see the beauty in you.

You maintain your own originality,
and you never fall short.
Though there are leeches who stay on you,
you don't burn them, yet wouldn't try,
I see the beauty in you.

I ask why but it is obvious,
you seek no harm.
The pain and the lost of what's yours and,
the strength to hold up and never give in,
I see the beauty in you.

You are bait in the eyes of those who fiend,
but you swim around and avoid their traps.
If you get caught, you make them struggle,
struggle to control you or kill you.
You let them try with the benefit of the doubt;
but oh how you would get caught and
bite the rod;
protecting the blinded eye one, yes,
I see the beauty in you.

3) An Ode Poem

Thank You

Oh how I thank you,
the one that keeps me,
in school, and with life.

Your magnetic strip,
its powers unlocks access,
to the modern day time warp portals.

Oh how I thank you,
even though you expire,
and even though your lifespan,
can last a day, a week, or a month.

Your flexible body;
makes you rip free,
and your generosity for having,
objects, and faces tatted on your abdomen,
makes you more great.

You are better than your competitors,
dimes, quarters, and dollars.
You are soulmate of ones ID
and harmless to Earth,
Oh how I thank you.

4) Found Poem

Being 17

My guts burns from the truth;
yet I'm weird but interesting;
unlike those who are Hollywoods.
You are like candy;
I crave,
but just to much makes me sick.

I am young and old.
old because I'm your therapist;
young because food is free;
You are like a dice;
each side is an emotion.
I'm the roller,
filled with uncertainly,
but predictability.

I rather break my leg;
knowing it will get stronger;
then avoiding pain --
clueless on how to heal.
I stay quiet to hide reality,
but like stinky socks,
I choke the boots,
yet the scent finds its way out.

5) I was raised by...

Hood Kid

I was raised by
rapid jokes
rice and beans
Pork so good you want to
eat, eat, then eat.
"I'm gonna lick the plate"
Type of kid.

The city where it never sleeps
houses that are united
bonding like family
"Ay shawty with the tights."
Kind if kid.

One whom never hates
sharing a room with two
Mom yells,
"Make me beat ya ass."
---That hood kid.

Some bass loving,
is the brother of,
Tasmania Devil.
Neighbors knocking,
"put it down please."
Say yes but continue;
stubborn kid.
"I want you to be successful,
in LIFE"
Momma reminds.

7) Artwork that you created to accompany a poem

Scan 1.jpeg
8) Audio recording of you reading a poem (this can be combined with #7)

9) Write a poem of your choosing

He is Me

He is six feet tall;
destined to sit;
weak by rhythm of pace.
He is 10 1/2 in feet;
destined to eat;
strong by appearance.
He is long armed;
destined to grow a pack;
weak by others manipulation.
He is ocean topped;
destined to strive
strong by beliefs of the great.
He is small headed;
destined to explore life;
weak & strong by he.
He is he;
destined to be he;
weak & strong by;
he, she, I, and me.

10) Detailed study of a poet (~300 word minimum) = Analysis of both form and content of poet of your choosing. Should examine the poet's work by providing insight into both individual lines and the poet's work overall. Focus on patterns, themes, and/or what is unique about voice or style. Must integrate quotes from poems for analysis and cite any sources)

Marge Piercy is an American poet who is greatly influenced by her personal experiences and her family's working class. Piercy's work focuses for a constituency, the living, and dead. One of the primary features of Piercy's poems are the comparisons. The unique comparisons between objects, creatures, and nature itself makes the reader feel reminded of the basics within their surroundings. Piercy's goal as a poet, is to get the audience to appreciate the little things mother nature has given us to see. She gives the power of speaking to energy, experience, and insight. In " Colors Passing Through Us," the poem focuses on the beauty of nature and creatures "Yellow as a goat's wise and wicked eyes / yellow as a school bus stopping you." Marge Piercy is an observer to nature. She sees things without focusing into its detail. She believes that her audience should look outside the box; find its color, shape, appearance, and personality. The presence of creatures and the energy of technology are aside to the larger stories of society and similarities between individuals and their physical appearance that exist in Piercy's work.