1) "Poetry is above all a concentration of the power of language, which is the power of our ultimate relationship to everything in the universe."- Adrienne Rich

When I write poetry, I do not right with the intentions that anyone will ever see my poetry. I write to release my emotions and my fears and to be able to have someone to confide in 24/7. I write with the intention of a judgement free zone. So when people read most of my poems they see that they are all emotion filled, most sad but many happy. Many must know that I write a lot about my family, and a lot about my personal struggles and how I was raised. I write to show others that it is possible to overcome even the worst possible things

2) A Well Awaited Surprise

December 17th, 2008,
A day that changed my life significantly.
Nine months of waiting,
Now the time has come.
She was getting ready to come out,
The anticipation was unreal.
We were about to meet her for the first time,
Who would she look like?

Who would she sound like?
I was going crazy!
Eleven hours go by,
And then she finally comes.
I never believed in love at first sight,
But this time was different.

I was in love,
With a little girl named Alyssa.
Ten tiny little fingers to hold in mine,
Ten tiny little toes to follow in my footsteps.
Six pounds, Thirteen ounces,
My precious little sister was perfect!

4) How Can One Show Love to an Inanimate Object

How can one show love to an inanimate object in a way to show an ode?
I truly cannot love something that much that cannot love me back.
However if I did have to pick something, this is what I'd choose.

5) A found poem

6) Raised By Love and Strength

I was raised by
A woman stronger than myself
One who shows no fear
One who truly loves
Without the thought of being hurt.

I was raised by
A hard worker
A provider
Someone I can be proud of.

I was raised by
Love; Genuine Love
Opening your heart
Caring deeply for others.

I was raised by
The who, what, when, where, why and how
Only to be scared of those answers.

I was raised by
My mother
The strongest woman I know
My strength, whom I was raised.

7) Artwork to accompany my "A Well Awaited Surprise" Poem Poem Artwork .jpg

9) Battling the Beast

Some people say,
Things are meant to be.
But most often,
They turn to tragedy.

Restless nights,
Filled with tears.
Laying in my bed,
Realizing my fears.

Snuggled in my covers,
The lights shown through.
Lying there knowing,
What he was about to do.

The turn of the key,
Made my heartbeat increase.
Knowing he was coming up the stairs,
My breath came to a cease.

The door opened slow,
As he said hello Hun.
I held back my tears,
Knew I couldn't run.

He came closer,
I lie there crying.
The only thoughts in my head,
Were my fears of dying.

As I lay there,
Trying not to flinch.
The moment he raised his hand,
All I could do was cringe.

My blood ran cold,
With each strike he blew.
Wondering to myself,
What am I supposed to do.

Do I lie there,
And surrender my soul.
In a troubling relationship,
That eventually took its toll.

Time and time went by,
I felt so alone.
Trapped inside my conscience,
No place to call home.

After every game of sick love,
Came the shame I felt.
It was time to turn the page,
From the hand I was dealt.

The man I loved,
After just a few drinks.
Turned into a monster,
That never stopped to think.

The harm he put me through,
Was more than just a game.
The screams and the tears,
Were just encouragement to the pain.

It took time,
To realize.
The tears I cried,
Were all lies.

From that moment on,
I knew what I had to do.
I had to get rid of my problems,
All starting with you.

I packed my things,
And headed for the door.
Knowing that this life,
Would be no more.

I learned from this experience,
It made me stronger in time,
I'm worth more than I realized,
And my life is finally mine.

So I say farewell to you,
As I'm headed out the door.
You cant hurt me any longer,
I am able to spread my wings and soar.