"Words written in verse may speak volumes when those spoken do not" - Caressia Combss

Hit in the rain
(This Poem is about a time when my sister ran up the street to get my umbrella but when she came back down the street she ran into the rode and got hit by a car. We were only little kids.)

The rain was a bouns added to the feeling I already felt
The only thin I thought about was how my sister was on her way to the hospital for the first time because of me
Mother nurture did not like me as a child
Because the wind blew my umbrella went the same way
And who was I to go and get it then again who was she to go and get it
She did any way ran straight up the street to save my little purple umbrella
When she came back she ran right into the street
Car flip her as if she was a piece of tost popping out of the toaster
She was my hero
But then my hero need a hero

I see my beauty in you
(A mother left her son while he was young but is looking for his for givens)

I have watch you sit in the back of the room and cry to your self
Tears not running down your face but your insides pour out through your soul
It hurt to watch you in pain and filling alone

I didn't mean to
secretly Im here for you I have been here for since the day you took your first breath on this earth
Baby boy I love you
You don't hear that a lot
Do you
your never ready to except that I messed up
I Left you by your self with no one there

Where did I really go wrong
I told my self that a child of mines will never have to struggle in life but you came out struggling
You had to deal with the fact that your different from other and your mother can't deal with you
Your dead beat daddy was never sober enough to pay attention
We messed up but im here looking for forgiveness

I didn't mean to
my mother left me so I did it to my child the same when this was never suppose to happen
Leaving you was like leaving my self
You are me and i am apart of you

But baby when I see you I think about all the lonely sad night I went through
The same ones as you baby I love you because I love my self and you will always be in my heart

Oh cell phone
(In my life there is no one who understands me more then my best friend. M everything and my lover. My cell Phone)

I can tell you how much I love you over and over again and over again But do you believe me
December 2 2012 you came into my life and i must say you leaving will nearly give me suicide thoughts
There were many before you but baby lets not bring up my horrible past and lets think about our future together
you know you `have powers
You can control other parts of my body like my finger
My fingers goes into cardiac arrest and baby thats when i really need you
Need you to send this to that person and that to this person
Heal my fingers
Make them work again
I'll always love you

Like Grease said in her song we will always be together :)

Words around me
(People say things every day , but would you take the time to write them down. Well I did)

I was born in this world by my self
Came out screaming and fight
So when did I ever need you

The teacher wants me to go to the math lab to get help with my homework
something I can just write the answers in and let him think I did it
Would that be right though

Girls walk around school like they made from money
Know damn well they mom have food stamps

I hate loud nasty people on the train
Smelling like who did it and why or more like who didn't take care of you

I was raised by
(I was raised by things in childhood that some of you might no)

I was raised by cartoons and jump rope
Candy necklaces and braces I had swag as a child
licking Dip Dap lollypops while on my tricycle hoping I don't fall off
Lighting up my little day with lucky lights pretending I was smoking
Dont get it twisted though because twirlers were all I feind for
Popping up and down in the back of the room like i have ate pop rocks
Afterwards I squirmed around like a gummy worm
Hoping I no one cut off my head like I have done to , mine

"We can do it"
And yes I did as I jumped from couch to couch
Pretending that the floor was lava and a fire breathing dragon was going to get me
nearly laughing to death at Spongbob saying "We are goofy goobers"

My childhood was damn nearly the best I could have gotten.

(This was a free write poem I made when on the poetry team at SLA)

Lets write a love story
Starting from the time when your eyes met mine
It should be the truth
Because fiction are for frauds
People who lives are messed up so bad
Covered in smoke from the fire they created
Burning away the little hope they had left

Lets make it a novel
Starting from the dippers we had
And endding in the moment when
Our caste is holding hands at the handles

We can not forget about the children
They aloud us to hold on the little child hood that we had
Running around in the park pretending we couldn't find them

I love my life with you and it's about time the world know about us to
So we need to grab the readers attention
Teach them more then a lesson and maybe just maybe
These young girl relationship will last longer them a day