"Poetry is the doorway to the soul" -Floria

"We have fallen into the place, where everything is music." -Coleman Barks

Hey kid,
If you tell me the name of this song you can stay up an hour later tonight.
Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones!

It started as a game,
A game that turned into a lifestyle that is.
Every day,
Or every night I should say
Listening to his records in the basement,
My father taught me everything he knew about music.
Classic rock music that is.
Father didn't know much about rap music.
Wasn't too fond of it either.

Hours were spent.
Memories were made,
And before I knew it
We fell into a place, where everything was music.
10 years of age,
Jim Morrison posters disperse all 4 of my walls.
My red and gold shiny walls that is.
My child hood reeks of the 70s.

Rough Memory Poem. (Indicate Strategy, condense, no rhyming.)

What started as a few drinks on New Years Eve
Escalated to a brief verbal confrontation with a man who I'll never forgive.
What started as a brief confrontation over something as stupid as a girl turned into a physical altercation.
A physical altercation that built up to one punch that knocked pierce to the ground,
Hitting his head on the cement sidewalk right in the school yard of my old middle school.
Hitting his head so hard that it took all the life out of him in less than 30 seconds.

"Pierce! Pierce, wake up, please Pierce wake up I, I, I didn't mean for this to happen"
Says the man who is the fault of this whole situation.
I remember sitting in my living room with my sister and all of her friends.
Ring Ring, Ring Ring.
Oh my god, no I'll be right there.
Pierce is dead.
Everyone in the rooms faces dropped.
Next thing I know we were speeding to the school yard where it all happened.

There he was.
Lying there right on the curb that I walk by everyday.
Lifeless and cold.
Death is this feeling of permanent sadness and pain. (*) Nick Andrew Smith
Just another soul that will never be retrieved.
This was it I thought to myself.
Pierce took his last breath and will never be with us again.
Forever gone.

Mother, oh dear mother.
My love for you? Immeasurable.
The ups and downs you've put me through,
Not just anyone could withstand.

But Mother, oh dear Mother,
I thank you more than ever.
For showing me what it's like to live.

All of the different emotions,
You exposed me to so young.
Time and time again, I cant help but still love you.
Scarred yet oh so strong now,
I can't help but thank you.

Mother, oh dear mother,
Just like you I want to be.
So strong and wise and witty.
You are who I strive to be.

Mother, oh dear mother,
You are my everything.

How do we know that we exist?
Some people just really don't know how to handle life.
Holding on i'm a vagabond.
Miserable days are miserable.
I'm happy even if it does sting a little.
Everyone that terrifies you is 72 percent water, just remember that.
There's a pair of dead eyes in the mirror looking back at me, I guess it's just wrong to live life.
Yes I guess it's wrong to live life.
I and I we're taking control of our lives.
You can have it all.
Life is like a plastic cup, to be used and then disposed of.
For all the times I never turned away.

I was raised by Nature.
The animals and cool breezes,
All things green and earthy.
The vegetables in my garden.
Flowers in my front yard.
The fish in my pond.

I was raised by a hippie of a mother.
One who loves all things natural.
All things pure.
All things pretty,
And all things living.

I was raised by train tracks
Train tracks leading virtually nowhere to the naked eye.
But leading to a whole different world to my friends and I.

I was raised by streams and rivers.
The ones that flow so peacefully.
So peaceful you can sit there for hours and admire their beauty.
The ones that house our fish and give them the gift of life.

I was raised by good music and good people.
The music that soothes our souls and expands our minds.
The people that bring nothing but positive energy and good vibes.

I was raised by the world.