1."Poetry is the doorway to the soul".

Poetry may be the doorway to the soul; sometimes. But to me it it doesn't come to me that easy. Some people think that poetry may be anything and others think it has to be something. Even though it is debatable, poetry is personal. It may be the doorway to anything you imagine. Just make yourself one with the poetry. The style of writing that is used in my blog is actually simple. Simple meaning that anyone who reads it will be able to understand it. But also, it is very descriptive. YOu will see a lot of similes and metaphors. The poetry on this blog will mostly relate to teenagers. It talks about sports, family, an object that you love and many more. Some of the poetry rhymes, some is narrative but they all have imagery. Hope you like it.

2.Memory Poem
I was on the track field,
Standing in a Big, and red oval.
I was ready.
Two braided, white shirt and red pants.
White shoes too.
Shaking, nervous and afraid
Was the way I felt next to the other 5 girls.
Trembling, as the starter rose his arm to the sky
On your mark, get set,
I ran faster than a cheetah.
Into a different dimension I went.
I finished the race.
Trying to stop, but couldn't.
My body became one with the field.
I fell on the ground.
I thought I lost
Why me I asked myself as I stood up.
Realizing that I won,
I was standing up proud.
I won the race.

3. Riff Poem
"Hold Fast To Dreams" - Langston Hughes
Hold Fast to Dreams
and Face your fear
Living the the darkest steepest coldest place
because Bad Ideas will lead to bad consequences
Get rid of nightmares.

Hold Fast to Dreams
and hold on to Friendships
because they are meaningful
They are like a new pair of glasses
to those who can not see.

Hold Fast to Dream
or if you don't
they will run away
You will stay in the dark
until you turn on the lights
and wake up.

Hold Fast to Dreams
not everything you dream
is good
and everything that you dream that is bad
may sometimes be good.

Glasses are clear,
If you have them on.
Taking your eyes to a new world
Every time you put them on.
They lead those
who can not see.
That was me.
I needed my vision
I needed help
MY eyes
couldn't see further then the tip of my nose
Like the fog on a rainy day
was my vision.
But now, I can see.
I see the colors images and details
better than I could have imagined them.
The beauty of the world was visible to one
and to many
Thanks to these objects
made from glass,
clearer than water,
I can see.

Found Poem
Can I get your number?
How old are you?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Move out with him already.
You love him, right?
Your relationship won't last.
Your friendship will.
How many years have you been in a relationship?
Oh I knew that.
Text him.

I Was Raised By. . .Poem
I was raised by a mother.
Smarter than Einstein
Everything I know,
I learned it from her
Wiser than Ghandi.
Showing me powerful words
instead of powerful fists.
Hard-working;like the president.
and as beautiful than a blossoming garden.

I was raised by my culture.
Saying "Bendicion",to my family.
I was Raised my manners,
Crossing my knee over my over knee.
Putting a napkin on my lap every time I ate.
Holding the knife down
while picking up food with the fork.
Cup to my left
and plate infront.
I was raised to be who I am today;

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 10.05.03 PM.png


I am not strong, but I am not weak,

I may be short, but Stand up high.

I care,

mostly of those in need.

I know my friends

and a lot of my family,

but I know others need me.

Listening helps,

the souls in pain.

So instead of talking about others,

listen to what they consider shame.

Who knows you can learn a thing or two.

Prioritize your life.

Thats something better to do.

Listen and engage.

because if you do,

someone else's shame,

can stop being their pain.

I chose to do a free verse. Anything that came to my head I would continue to write about. When your honest with yourself, and write the truth, anything you say will sound good. You will encounter, imagery and a lot of rhyming.

Adrienne Rich is an american poet. In her poetry,She uses a lot of metaphors, similes and overall a bunch of imagery. In this one specific poem "Final Notion" she wrote " it will not be simple, it will not be long it will take little time, it will take all your thought". If these sentences are further analyzed, the first verse says that something is not easy but it won't take long to accomplish. Then she goes on and says that it will take all your thought. Humans worry about every single detail because it is important, but often forget them in seconds. Adrienne Rich uses figures of speech to be able to engage the audience. Most of the time the audience doesn't feel engaged but she intentionally puts out every single perspective possible in order to engage all sides of the audience. She does not pick a side nor say its good or bad. She simply says what she and others think.

Her family and surrounding have played a major role in her poetry. Before getting married, she was a regular poet who spoke about the things in her head. After getting married to the economist Alfred H. Conrad, she published another volume of poetry named Diamond Cuts. She was very fascinated in the vietnam war and was against feminism. She was a complete movement herself. With all the patterns and descriptions that she used, she engaged every audience member to stand up for equality and the rights that everyone deserved. If you would like to know more information about this amazing poet, visit
http://www.poets.org/poet.php/prmPID/49 or google her name and her famous poetry movements.