1) "Poetry is the universal language..." - William Hazlitt
This wiki page is a little dabble into my world of poetry. I don't consider myself any type of poet but I forced myself to dig a little deeper and find that poet inside of me that every one has. All of my poetry topics are about things that mean a lot to me, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to write it. I like to use detail and let the reader really be able to feel the poem, all except for my riff poem. What We Want has very secretive, and broad statements which could be interpreted in different ways depending on the reader. Just like the quote I riffed off of ""Pray that what we're running toward is what we want." it could be talking about anything so I left the rest of the poem in that format.

2) Bike Ride Incident
It was pink
It was flowery
And I adored it.
Getting back on my bike for about
the 50th time that day:
Those rusty training wheels
We finally took them off.
My dad let go...
They were clapping
They smiled
I was doing it,
All alone.
All of a sudden things got bumpy,
I was on the rocks
with no idea how to stop.
My front tooth was gone
Now somewhere in that mess of
white and gray rocks.

3) What We Want
"Pray that what we're running toward is what we want." Lucille Clifton

Pray that what we're running toward,
is what we want...
is what we need...
Pray that what we're running toward,
isn't a waste of time...
isn't a waste of energy...
Something that will benefit us,
And not something that will hurt us.

4) Ode To Exercise
You are good to me,
You are bad to me,
you're like a small light
in a dark room.
You illuminate
although around you
everything is still lonely and dark.
You are like that light
at the end of a tunnel.
The journey to get to the end
to that light
is treacherous,
it's long and it hurts.
But once you make it
You have transformed.

My legs ache
calves electric
and thighs bulging,
My chest is heaving
heart is pounding,
My arms feel like spaghetti
My abdomen might explode.
Sweat is dripping from
every place in my body.

But it's all worth it,
the pain feels good
I am getting somewhere.
Every day
I am a bit closer to my goal.

I see the light
I can almost reach it.
But why does it seem to
be moving farther
just as I am about to reach it.
Why can't I ever get a grasp
on that light?

One day.
I will catch that light.
One day.
I will get where i want to be.
One day.
It will happen.

5) Found Poem
everybody knows
it doesn't exist.
what are you doing
don't quote me on that,
I saw you all the way across the room.
alright then
it doesn't even exist.
I don't remember,
this was last year
do you even know.
it doesn't exist.
oh my

6) I Was Raised By
I was raised by
Ahmad tea drinking,
rice eating,
enormous family.
Sort of Persians

Spring-time New Year
up late and partying,
fancy dress wearing,
Kind of Persians.

Straight A,
"Nothing but the best".
Academically inclined,
Study all the time.
Bad at Math,
Bad at Science,
"That's a crime".
Doctorate degree seeking.
well paid,
Type of Persians.

Make up caking,
hair straightening,
"Always look your best".
Flawless face...
Flawless skin...
Flawless hair...
"Work to look the best".
Never trashy,
Always classy,
Or your father will be furious,
Sort of Persians.

7) Artwork
(This is a drawing of the muscles in the human body. This picture goes with my Ode to Exercise poem.)

8) Ode to Exercise Audio

9) Coach
She always knows best
although I never agree
Oh how she makes me stressed
Even when I'm dying… Oh uh there goes my knee
She pushes me to the max
One day I'm sure to snap
But I know, no matter what I am getting stronger and those are facts
coach and I we have this pact… so I have to cut the crap
Get on my feet
Do the extra work-out
No matter how much heat
Because theres no doubt
We want to win
And here we go the race begins

10) Detailed Study
Sylvia Plath is a very unique and interesting poet. Her poetry is like no other, which really makes it beautiful to read. She writes so personally, almost as if she were confessing to someone the things that happen in her life. Her poetry seems like it is being written in a dark and quiet room while she is alone. She writes her poetry as if it has no audience, it seems to be only for herself to vent and get her feelings into words that only she will ever read. She writes very dark and painful poems.
She uses certain rhyme schemes like in her poem Cinderella which she uses abacdcdefef form. Her rhyming gives a sort of flow and rhythm to the way you read her poetry. These are some lines from the poem where the last word of the first line rhymes with the last word of the third line: “Her green eyes slant, hair flaring in a fan/ Of silver as the rondo slows; now reels/ Begin on tilted violins to span.” One of her strongest aspects of writing is the imagery that is used in every single one of her poems. She uses a lot nature based imagery to depict colors and feelings. For example these couple lines from her poem Burning Letters “Grain by grain, they unrolled/Sands where a dream of clear water/Grinned like a getaway car.” She is always describing colors, you can always see the vivid colors in your mind when reading her poems, “Rose candles flicker on the lilac wall”. Along with the imagery she uses clever similes and metaphors to explain her feelings, for example: “My veins glow like trees” also from Burning Letters.
Although her style of writing is very depressing and is hard to understand, it really draws you in. Sylvia Plath really makes a personal connection to the readers. She describes some very unique feelings about depression which we really wouldn't know about unless we were in her state of mind. It’s like a secret only she and the reader share.