1-"Poetry is the doorway to the soul" - Floria

2) A rough memory poem (Indicate poetic strategy, condense, and no rhyming!)
2-Running off the bus
I could feel the passion and the awaiting for the game to start
The whistle blew and the game started
The ball is kicked than passed back to the goalie and he kicks it as hard as he can
The forward catches it with his foot than right out of the air he kicks it
Will it go in? oh no please go in
Swoosh all you hear is the net
Than chaos breaks out in the mexican area of the stadium
They all start throwing there beers in the air and cheering.

* Theres good imagery
* Good description of the moment
* Good use of figurative language
? There are a few grammar mistakes with words, such as than should be then, there should be their.
? There are some lines you can make shorter
? There are no pauses, so include

3- Pray that what we are running towards is what we want
Running through the rain to find
What we are looking for
Looking for happiness
But all you can find is sadness
You keep running
And running and running
Until you see your family
You feel a sudden serge of energy
All your worries are gone
You could care less if you dont make enough money
Cause you have your family.

4-Getting up in the morning
I jump into the shower
I feel like im in a dream
All I can feeling is the spray of water
Coming out of the shower head
I feel like im going into another world
My whole body relaxes and i just want to stand there for hours.
The spray of water feels like running through
All you hear is the splat of water hitting the tub like
A bouncy ball bouncing again and again

5- No body on the frisbee team is athletic
cough cough
we should go to play basketball
how was your run I heard its cold outside
free Amirah free Amirah

6- I was raised by mother through all her hard work
And effort.
She put her sweat and blood into raising me
She would get up at 6:30 every morning and come back home at 6
Just to bring food to the table and to make sure
Her prized position has clothes and shoes on his feat.
She put her sweat and blood into raising me
She could have gotten the governments help
But she said she had dignity and its possible to be a single
Mother and still feed your child and work at the same time.

+ Great job, very informal
- Not sure how well it "flows"

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1) Quote about poetry from sheet in class

2) A rough memory poem (Indicate poetic strategy, condense, and no rhyming!)

3) A riff poem (Steal a line from a poet and make it a part of your own poem. Give credit to the poet whose line you used.)
Here is the video we watched:

4) An ode (honor an object, metaphor, creative & descriptive language, personification, surprising ending). Examples here, here, and here.

5) A found poem

6) "I was raised by..." poem. (Quotes, active verbs, repetition (slight changes), description)

7) Artwork that you created to accompany a poem

8) Audio recording of you reading a poem (this can be combined with #7)