"Poetry is emotion put into measure. The emotion must come by nature but the measure can be acquired by art."

Memory Poem

July 1st, 2002.
The day I left home.
The day we ran away,
Like rebellious children.
Packed our bags.
Set sail.

We were explorers, my mother and I.
Our truck was our ship,
A highway was the sea.
Smooth sailing,
I was unaware I was leaving a piece of me behind.

I was still young enough to be unaware,
But old enough to question.
So on July 1st, 2002.
The day I had to say goodbye to paradise.
Riff Poem

It's the kind that sleep walks and never ends.
A type of loan with no dividends.
A kind of perfection.
Your exterior, is a paragon.
Some kind of wonderland.

You call, don't know how I fell under your spell.
Please explain it to me.
It has all happened so fast.
No words can describe how conflicted I am.
Who are you?

I would have never expected you,
of all people.
To think I was beautiful,
strip me of all insecurities.
I can't help but smile.

Why don't you tell me I'm forgiven?
I'm forgiven... lately I've been driven.
He smiles and I give in,
An enchantment.

Enchantment- Corinne Bailey Rae

Ode Poem,

Brown eyes,
Brown skin,
Black hair.
Closely resembles to mine.

Broad shoulders,
Brawny arms,
Brilliant smile.
Kind of like mine.

Wild temper,
vains pop,

Boisterous laugh,
Crude humor,
Rowdy voice.

Daddy Dearest.

I was raised Poem,

I was raised country,
In a town inhabited
by African immigrants,
White travelers.
College town,

I was raised in the city,
rough and tumble.
Cars blasting sounds down the streets
through old stereos,
bass destroyed.

I was raised holistically,
Told to say my blessings before meals,
Praise our Creator for giving me another day on earth.
As a small child I was adorned in,
Prayer bracelets.

I was raised a sinner.
Insensitive remarks,
Bruises from big cousins.
Nostrils flaring,
Loud, unruly.

I was raised to fight.
I was raised in conflict.
I was raised within nirvana.

Independent Study; Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath, also known as Victoria Lucas, was a major poet, novelist and short story writer in the Twentieth Century. A majority of Plath's work as a poet revealed her manic personality, as she dealt with depression for a majority of her adult life.