"poetry is the door way to the soul" - Florida


The key is the entrence to everything. It unlocks so many dreams and doors.
When your little having getting your first key to your house means allot to people.
Having a key gives you some sort of responsibility.
It gives you a feel of importance.
The key is a sign for freedom and security.
Keys can represent a lot of hope.
The key gains you entrance

  • You have good description
? Sounds more like a story then a poem
? Describe the key as though its not a key

Memory poem

The wind blowing on my face. Hot baking

I was raised by cats,
Cats that growled and bit my
fingers when I got to close. Cats that pooped on the
floor where ever and when ever they wanted
too. Cats that peed on me or in my bed.

I was raised by
orange cats,black cats,
white cats, gray cats,
brown cats, tan cats.

I was raised by
protective cats. Funny cats
crazy cats. Scary cats.
I was raised by "Its time
to put that cat out"

I was raised by, Cats that I loved. The ones
that ran away. The ones that died, the ones
that stayed by myside when I was scared.
The ones that got put out.