1) Quote about poety

"Poetry is a universal language..."

2) Memory Poem

Even though that "you" has evolved,

the memory of the past is still deepyly

embeded within the contents of my memory.

I can still feel the stream of died tears

racing along my cheeks.

I can still hear the sobs of my youth

reminiscing in my ears.

The pass continuously haunting

the progression of my future

The memory I would pray to wither

away, is more distinct than any other.

Its still real.

+ I like the use of quoutation marks to make the you stand out




?give a couple more hints about what is going on


3) Riff Poem

I aint perfect but I [[#|work]] hard
So I deserve it
And I belong, right where you see me
It took determination
What I'm living is not a freebee
So you can hate
I don't mind for your information
being as great as I can be
Is my obligation
So you can laugh at me now
I will soak it up
Work hard now, later life
won't be so rough
So call me white
there is no stressin
Because when you working late nights
Im a be on my couch restin

Drake - "I aint perfect but I work hard so I deserve it. And I belong right where you see me..."

4) Ode


From the squeaky sound from the [[#|television]] screen
to the numbers, stats, highlights on [[#|TV]]
the sweet clean smell, of a new evolution
to the evolution of the game

generation to generation
Bill Russ, Kareem, Magic, MJ, Kobe, LeBron!

Intensity, proud, passion, love

I am mesmerized by your well rounded characteristics
the physical, "pic right!"
the visual, "Lebron for the slam"
the fandom, the stardom

When I play you, I feel free
When I watch you, I represent
When you...

5) Found Poem
Reputation is the cornerstone of power.

Make your reputation unassailable.

Be wary of friends-they will betray you more quickly

Keep people off-balance and in the dark by never
revealing the purpose behind your actions

Never let yourself get lost in the crowd,
then, or buried in oblivion. Stand out.

6) I was raised by poem
I was raised by the thick skin or germantown
The heart of mt. airy
and the structure of my family.

I have the tendencies of a basketball player
and the integrity of a hero
the humbleness of a wise man
and the imagination of a 3 year old child

I was raised by respect
The old [[#|school]] way
the "don't talk back to an adult
or I will smack you in the mouth" way

I am the gentlemen, young bull
small child, little man, kind
with no temper kind of guy,
I am my parents.

7) Art work

to poem 9
9) Robin's [[#|Prayer]]

Dear Father where have you been I need you
Son I've always been here with you
Father how do I know its not the pill
Son you don't, but you have believe in something for it to be real
you need the determination to stop hating
to resolve the problems you've been facing
the jurisdiction isn't always right so there is never
and undubitible possitive case in
no disrespect but father I'm having a hard time believing
I'm talking to god,of all people me
and I'm believing in something I'm not seeing
son you can't see Oxogyn but you have no touble breathing
dont disrespect my art work I made everyone for a reason
and i understand that some people are struggling and hurting
but I'm up for 7 days a 7 nights a week, I never stop working
I made you intelligent son, sit down and just ponder
on how smart you are to survive this far
To recline, is to say my blessing is unappreciatted
and that your belief in me is depreciating
so i need you to keep progressing toward the ultimate progression
and forget about the people or frowned upon your unforgiving passion
because to that I smile bigger than the mouth of an anthropal
and my eyes get wider than a homeless man at a [[#|powerball]] cashin
Ive been supporting you since your train arrived in the station
before you could even think about adding me to your patience
I was the one you blew the wind to push the slug
so it could refain from hitting a non beliver
preventing his chest cathing a bullet like a superbowl wide reciever
so, i need you to flaunt on your first thought and tuant your concience
from absorbing not good enough, two bucked nonsense
Son that is enough, i have a lot of work to do
as do you so I bid you good luck

10) Detailed Study
Langston Hughes is an African American poet who became popular during the 1920's, also known as the Harlem Renaissance. His style of poetry is varies across many fields from serious heart warming poems to laughable, spirit brightening poems. On a general basis, his poetry is usually happy and strays away from being dark and gloom. Some of Hughes poems are categorized in series. An example is his "Madam" poems. He reuses this character in different situations. Although his poetry is more correlated to the African American community it is not solely directed toward them. His poetry can be related to any culture through the poetic dissection of the right literary lens.
Hughes has a unique dictation signature on his poems. His particular use of rhyme and simple usage or words is a characteristic that separates him from the other poets of his time. His graphic similes make you read his poems in a light.