1.) Quote about poetry from sheet in class / Personal statement about your poems
(~200 word minimum, details to come..)
Poetry is the doorway to the souls." - Floria

A personal statement about my poems is that you will notice a lot of romantic and heart breaking poems.
Relationship poems are not the only ones that you find in the wiki page, but will also find poems that are
descriptive and fun to read. The mainly thing you will find are good and simply poems. During the process
of the making poems for the wiki, there was a week when I felt really emotional and I just took out every single
thought I had into the poems I had created. After, finishing up the wiki, I had decided to continue with in making
new and more poems of my own. A inspiration that I used from creating my poems, is that music helps me think
while I write. I listen to music and read the lyrics to the song. Every poem is made from my own ideas and was
not copied from a song. The flow that goes into a song makes me feel mix emotional and able to get rid of the
emotions I have, I would write them down. The assignment from beginning of the poem unit was to not make it
rhyme and learn to able make poems

2.) A rough memory poem (Indicate poetic strategy, condense, and no rhyming!)
Small and young.
Sensitive and shy.
Yes, that was me back in the days.

In the middle of July, it was.
The sun was out.
Nice breeze.
A bright summer day.
It was family trip to Six Flags.
Along with cousins, aunts, and uncles.

First time arriving to Six Flags.
The excitement was wrestling me
but suddenly spread all over my body,
And couldn't fight back.
I lost.
The rush in the blood, is just amazing.

A small city girl facing a huge world
That it felt at the moment.

Roller coasters, going up and down.
Water splashing.
Kids cheering.
Popcorn popping.
Everything is rushing.

Don't make it try to rhyme when the poem is not suppose to rhyme it gives it a choppy flow.
+Good with words
?You know you can do better
?Remember not to rhyme


3.) Riff Poem
Kurtis Lamkin: Too carry peace to the heart of a cold cold nation.

They say love is forever lasting.
Loving and caring.
Laughing and sharing
Do you believe it?
What is the percentage of people actually fall involved,
With out a heart broken?

What happens after heart broken?
Lost in confusion, like an illusion?
Too carry peace to the heart of a cold cold nation.
Frozen heart it is, cold and dead.

But what happened?
He gaved up his love for me
He crushed it, He stabbed it
He left me, He forgot about me

True love forgives
no leaves, no breaks
imprisons no, no bursts
like soap bubbles.
If love is true
not broken, do not leave.

I want to know
Just let me know
How could you let me walk away?
I want to know
I got to know
How could you just take my love away?

After all that we made
Somebody please explain, to me?
I just wanted to be that girl.
You always cared
Never was unfaithful
And I swear I love you more than anyone

Feedback from Kenny Nguyen , 3/11/13
+good topic
+very descriptive
+good flow
+i like the repetition
?the word choice seems kind of broad
? some of the details seems un-needed, such as expressing yourself too much. cause your poem already did that


4.) An Ode
Big and pink,
Fluffy and soft,
Flower patterns, there was all over.
A place where you can be yourself.

Something that you can express,
Your laziness.
Your weakness.

Something where you can go directly,
When you need to cry from a broken heart.
That rocks you to sleep, from the pain.
It will heal you.

Its a getaway, from the nightmares
The nightmares from the world and reality.
Safe and sound,
No one can hurt you.

You'll be alright,
Safe and sound,
under the covers.
Close your eyes
Imagine and dream.

Because its your bed.
Your personal space.


5.) A found poem (At least 10 lines, Found phrases crafted into a phone).
Where are you now.
When I need you the most.
Do you even realize my love.
Are you missing? Are you lost?
You'll be alright.
Just follow the light.
The path to my arms.

Why did you had to go.
Don't turn to that direction.
Not her direction. My direction.
One direction.
Not two Directions.

You didn't let me know.
How could you do this?
"A relationship is a two person process".
Not three.
I'm so stupid.
Don't tell me were out of time.

Don't do this.
"I love you and it's killing me".
The tears keep coming down my face
Why did you turn away.
Are you afraid of me?

What made you runaway from me
Take my hand and walk with me
I need you to set me free.
Where are you now.
Cause I can't see the light

"Knock on the sky and listen to the sound".
Listen to the sound
You answers are there
to resolved your sins

Anger and madness going in me
Depress? Me? Maybe?
Expect me to cut over a boy.
"A razor is never the answering"
You funny babe, really.

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 2.25.17 PM.png

6.) "I was raised by..." Poem.
Quote: " I have tired my whole mexican life to represent my mexican roots with honor and pride". - Salma Hayek

A family with a big heart
A family that loves to laugh
A family always together.
Together they will go into the storm.
Rise or Fall, but together they will be.

As they watch soccer con todo la familia
With cold beer and spicy tacos.
Uncles yelling "GOOOOOOOOOOOL"
At the top of their lungs.
After there favorite team scored.
Funny and loud, they can be.
Nothing can stop them.

Aunts, spreading gossip in the kitchen air.
Spreading like a disease
As if it was War World III
They attack with words.
But survive by lies.
Chismes they are called.

Kids, running up and down.
Left to the right
Here to there.
Makes your head feel weird.
Finally you had enough.
The heat that rises
That rises threw your body
That makes you want to punch somebody.

Yes, you just bought yourself a ticket to the crazy train

I have tired my whole mexican life
to represent my mexican roots
with honor and pride.
The mexicana I always been.
Inside and Out
A role model, I became.
To the family and friends.
They look up at me now.
As long I don't bring them down

Forever and Always Mexican
Its in the blood. No cure.
Theres nothing you can do
I was raised the right way
I was raised by the good
I was raised by mexicans

Feedback from Kenny Nguyen , 3/14/13
+ the transition from a story to you always being a Mexican
+ very descriptive scene
+ mixture of spanish and english
? maybe describe your tradition a little more?
? there's some minor grammer issues
? maybe put emphasis on the last line of the poem

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 2.19.21 PM.png

7 and 8: Artwork that you created to accompany a poem/
Write a poem of your choosing (choose a specific technique
to play with: imagery, metaphor, repetition, structure, capitalization, grammar...)

A hug from behind.
A kiss on the cheek.
What is this.
Why is it that every time you come up to me
It just feels so real.
Nothing can make me feel like you do.
Darling, You dearly don’t know what am I feeling.

Yeah right, I got a problem.
A problem that feels so real.
The way you make me feel.
I really don't know what to do about it.

I’ve never felt nothing in the world like this before
I love the way it feels,
It got me between me and what is real.
It really got me good.

Never put my love, up first.
Never believed in once upon a time.
But boy, when you came around.
It hit me.
Love is real.

Its all cupid fault.
Cupid really got me good.
People, really don’t know what you did to my heart.
You say that you love me
I said that I love you too,

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 11.05.30 AM.png

9.) Detailed study of a poet:

John Boyle O'Reilly:
John Boyle O'Reilly was born on June 28,1844 in Down Castle, County Meth, near Drogheda in Ireland.
John was an Irish-born poet, journalist and fiction writer. His journalistic career started at the age of nine
when he went to work as an apprentice printer for the Drogheda Argus. His family were the ones to impress
him into writing, especially his mother, Eliza Boyle O’Reilly, who impressed on him a great love of poetry.
As a youth in Ireland, he was a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, or Fenians, for which he was
transported to Western Australia. In America John Boyle O’Reilly joined the Boston Pilot, now known as
the “Boston Globe” as a reporter, a paper well known as a voice for Irish Americans. After all the
accomplishments when he was in america and was reaching for his goal, John became one of the most
influential Irish in America.