1." Poetry is the silent voice that is heard everywhere inside of us..."- Unknown

2 .No we are not eating
That's the sound that defined my life
No it wasn't the clapping of hands
It was the moment of my young life
that set the tone for the rest of family's structure
I call my self Miahmazin
but this wasn't an amazing part of my life
it was the moment when "Michael"
Hit a gracious human being
He is the cat to my dog
the mouse to my snake
the tiger to my lion
he's that f on my report card that my mother wouldn't be too proud of
He was the rusty bricks that were tearing my house apart
the wet concrete that was supposed to dry 15 minutes ago but somehow is still wet
Michael Michael Michael
no not jackson
no not jordan
and no not phelps
he is Michael Cunningham

Feedback from Naihema
+ I liked the repetition, it added character.
+I liked the capitalization,
+You used the "smack" creativity.
- There were a couple cliché's in here. (cat to my dog. mouse to my snake.) The only original one was f on my report card.
- it was a bit confusing, us micheal your pops, or your brother? You should make some sort of connection.

3.Forget a fake friend where your real friends at
people come and go
but its like when success comes
thats when the friends do
and when the success turns to failure
thats when he friendships do
i wonder why
people are greedy
people are schemes
people are hungry
people are angry
all these emotions come together and ruin friendship
i dont need friends
we dont need friends
family first all the time
and god is first all the time
friends are bums
you don't need them

4. Ode to my xbox
When my finger slides across the sensor to turn you on
the green in it lets me know you are alive
you remind me of the green lantern
saving lives and being a superhero
you are my superhero
you save me from the boredom of life
when we are together nothin can seperate us
the only thing that surrounds us is 4 walls
those four walls close in as i hold the controller
the shaking feeling that my hands feel when i press the trigger button
the emotions i feel when i play are like seasons
happy is summer
excited is spring
sad is winter
mad is fall
oh xbox you are life
the fact that i can communicate with people in china
is astounding
you are magic
not david copperfield

5. in it to win it
lifestyle of the rich and the famous
forget a fake friend where your real friends at
we don't like to do to much explaining
story stay the same through the money and the fame
she wanna go and party she wanna go and party
if i told you to that a flower
bloomed in a dark room would you trust it
they say communications
save relations i can tell

6. I was raised by a basketball.
the air i all the things that are necessary in my life
the food, drinks, the brains, and the common sense
the material of the ball is my family who surround me
each and every day
they also are the grip
without them i wouldn't be
able to get that nice shot off
that has the highest possibility to go in
i was raised by a basketball

Can't never stop me
feds tryna watch me
caught u off the ave copping shoes off the ockies
money like monopoly
on my beef and brocolii
all about the benjis
who you know can top me
my style is flavor
mindless behavior
my shoe game sick like the rhyme i just gave you
time to do the donuts
my squad just rolled up
hands in the air
just like it was a hold up
ya whole squad was offsides so i had to throw the flag
im here in this swag
thanks to my dad
we all we got i came in the spot
soda suds every where
blame it on the pop
jays on my feet
tomahawk space jam
number 23
bugs bunny space jawn
catch me on the court
air force all white
must be the shoes
bow wow im like mike
far from a nursery
one more verse from me
i can talk dirty
but you'll never here a curse from me
Find out what it means to me
money always on my mind
hater never seem to be

9. What are we doing here?
We both know what we want
but no what others don't
We know of the future if we do this
the discriminators
the haters
and the people who have something to say out there mouth
but if it what we want then why should that matter
Forget what people say
Like my friend chaveliz once said
"haters gonna hate, just like potatoes are going to potate"
so why can't we let the talkers talk
and let us do us
we should be reminded that haters are nothing but
people who recognize what we are doing
either they don't like it
or they wish they could
maybe they wish they were like us
i know they don't hate us
we have done nothing
but be us
you are doing you
and i am doing me
me miahmazinme!