"Poetry is a doorway to the soul" Floria

Rough memory poem

it was dark
it was warm
a giant hunk of flying metal
flying through the clouds
everything look so small
so far away
time past by
exited from the belly of the beast
fluffy white crystals greeted me, landing on my face
arriving in united states
not sure what awaits me
it was cold
it was dark


Alexa: I like how you actually wrote about yourself flying to the U.S from a pedestrian point of view even though you are in the plane. Try to add just a little bit more

Rift poem

School at 8 in the morning
Work start at 4 in the afternoon
Studying begins soon after
Sleep come in last
Awoken once again
School at 8 in the morning
Work start at 4 in the afternoon
Study begins soon after
Sleep come in last
Awoken yet again
How do I stand this?

Hey, I like this poem. It explains why you are so tired all the time. Try to add more detail and I like the hidden messages.

Ode Poem

one who is basic
vessel to contain
husk to seal the others
being that lays be existence and nonexistence

one who does not care
heart of ice
hole where the heart should be
being that cares for no one and never will.

one who was human
thing that brings chaos
creature that brings forth corruption
being that symbolizes the end

one who's mindless
thing of madness
lawless animal
human that abandoned reason

one who obeys
guard for the leader
person following their belief

one who's thoughts are limitless
disorganized mind
mind with endless possibilities
thought that ever ends

one and the same
yet different
part of a whole
yet not
finding the truth is the goal

Wow, this is really dark. Oh, and I will not get out.

I was raised by poem

i was raised by myself
taking care of myself
working by myself
playing by myself
there was no one near besides my family
they try to understand
they try to relate
but they can't
thought I wasn't lonely
there were people to talk to
people to play with
people to share my thoughts with
i wasn't alone

i was raised by myself
or at lest my other selves
they are me
and i was them
one and the same
yet different thoughts
hopes and dreams
they talk to me about many things
what it looks like for them
may views of the same events
different thoughts of the world
different goals
who we really are
who i really am
they keep me company
and so do I

i was raised by myself
expanding my knowledge
talking with the others
dealing with my family
they don't understand
only i do
only i understand myself
or at lest that was what we thought
in truth we don't
why are we here
who are we
why do we exist
pondering over and over
never ending
thoughts pouring like a cascade
overflowing the lakes below
destroying all pre established thought
all gone
everything gone
they we gather once more
looking over what remains
everything have been swept away
thus the rebuilding begins...

Found poem

the chickens are attacking
there is a Mcdonald at the end of every rain bow
the soft wings swims with in the grease
why do crabs go sideways
cobs of corn boils within water
lunch today wasn't that bad
the cheese, it taste like nothing
this apple is very hard
salad, whats that
and bacon and bacon and bacon
apples fell on him
would you like some juice
that cow will be my dinner
how many animals are in this patty
why are we talking about food

William blake