" Poetry is the silent voice that is heard everywhere inside of us ... " - Unknown

Dear Knee
Dear knee,
I didn't really mean it ;
I didn't mean to go there ;
Even though my mother told me not to.

Dear knee,
Running so fast on those jagged tiles ;
The world couldn't possibly keep up ;
I was so sure of it, trust me knee ;

Dear knee,
With your meat torn to shreds ;
That vital fluid running from you ;
Telling you I did a stupid thing.

Dear knee,
I'm sorry for that intricate design on you ;
It was only to close you up ;
Even though it is permanent.

it was a locked place ;
full, but microscopic in size ;
things have squeezed in and out ;
with little room to spare.

and then you came around ;
being the thing you are ;
got caught up in my sternum ;
and poked around to see where you could fit in ;

i'm sorry, i panicked ;
you pushed so i pushed back ;
i pushed back so hard that you left a hole ;
quite the gaping one indeed.

i can barely admit it ;
it's quite hard to say ;
i do and i don't love you ;
isn't that happiness ?

Ode To My Doc Martens
White, Black, Blue
Brown, Red, Green
Your cousins come in all different colors
But only yours I admire the most

That burgundy, maroon
Deep fuchisa
Dark red like the lips of a showgirl
My own dull eyes get lost in your splendor

I bathe you like a child
Making sure you stay shining
In the gleam of the sun
Like a pot of molten lipstick

I want Kennedy to help
You're too old
Too stupid to help

What are you talking about ?
You need to stay out of my business
"Chase, you just have to write your name"
And ? Stay out of my business

Oh my god, it's not the big of a deal
I got two hands I can erase it myself

I Was Raised By The Media
I was raised by the media
Surrounded by it
Engulfed by it
"What's wrong with me ?"
Kind of thinking

Some pretty faces
Flashing on the screen
With that perfect skin
"Don't I have too many pimples ?"
Sort of thinking

Some supermodels
Smiling to those cameras
Stick thin they can barely walk
"Don't I need to loose weight?"
Type of thinking

Some companies
Using those pretty faces
Using those supermodels
To pioneer a trend
"Don't I need to be perfect?"
Kind of thinking


Artwork for I Was Raised by the Media

Audio Recording of Music

Is the music I listen to
Engulf me in foreign tongues
Wrap me in the strange sounds
Of another language ?

Or is the music I listen to
Dip me in a pot of sparks
Full of electric synths
No words to be heard ?

Maybe the music I listen to
Drops me off a cliff of bass
The falling getting faster until
It slows once I've hit the ground ?

Does the music I listen to
Guide me in acoustics
Then mix in the deep bass
To throw me off track ?

The music I listen to
Doesn't have words but sounds
That clash together ridiculously
To make me calm.

10. Sylvia Plath Detailed Study

Sylvia Plath was an American poet during the 1960's until her death three years later. Plath's poems are very dark and depressing, reflecting on her mood during her lifetime.

Detailed study of a poet (~300 word minimum) = Analysis of both form and content of poet of your choosing. Should examine the poet's work by providing insight into both individual lines and the poet's work overall. Focus on patterns, themes, and/or what is unique about voice or style. Must integrate quotes from poems for analysis and cite any sources)