1) "Poetry is the most direct and simple means of expressing oneself in word." -Northrup Frye

In my poems, I mainly focused on the deeper meanings of each poem, rather then an imagery poem. For the exception of the memory poem, I use descriptive details relating to some of the 5 senses. Each stanza in my memory poem tells a different story but still relating to the main topic of the story. I created my stanzas this way because it build details by going into different parts of the main topic of my poem. This way, the reader can explore more in depth of my poem through those strategies that I used. Also, one of my main features in writing poems is using repetition. In my opinion, I feel that repetition is an important aspect in poems. Repetitions allows the reader to read each stanza in a different perspective by can still relate to the line that repeats, which can give more insights into a poem. To add on to that, using repetition can help the reader focus more on the emotions of the poem or to add emphasis on the same line throughout the poem.

In other poems, such as ode, riff, and I was raised by poem, I didn't use a lot of imagery in it. I mainly use context words to build an image that each person can interpret on their own. For example, if I were to ask a group of people to read one of my poem and then interpret it by picture. Most likely, it will be different pictures, but has the same meaning. Mainly, my goal is to get readers to interpret their own image and still get the same idea of a poem.

I realized that I write a lot about my experiences and my emotions towards certain things. The arrangement of words and repetitions creates emphasis to express my emotions in poems. Grammar also plays a role in my poem to put emphasis, such as the "I was raised by" poem. I broke down each word into each line and capitalized them to add emphasis.

Overall, my strategies for writing poems is using repetitions, different arrangement of words, and writing about my experiences and putting emphasis on them through the usage of grammar and repetition.

2) Memory Poem

"The Fast-Moving Figure"

All this happened on a partly cloudy and windy afternoon.
I was biking normallylike any other kid would.I, then, saw a figurecoming from behind me fast.Petrified.
Ding, ding. Ding, ding.The sound I hearso scared that I was.I picked up my pacefrom a normal kid driving a biketo a speed demon.I identified a familiar faceas the fast moving figure caught up to me.Petrified.
Ding, ding. Ding, ding.A familiar face I recognized.It was my brother.Petrified.
And so....we raced.

3) Riff Poem

"Pray for Your Necessities"

"Pray that what we're running toward is what we want." Lucille Clifton
Come on.Give it another shot.Try to achieve it.It's not that hard.It's only you following what you want.Things that you wantbut can't havemakes it harder for youto have.
Pray for your needs.Pray that what we're running towardis what we want.Worry about the life-changing things.Leave the nuisance to the sides.
Now remember,Pray that what we're running towardis what we want.
Come on.Give it another shot.It won't harm you.

4) Ode Poem

"A Tribute to Headphones"

Private speakers,Small and high qualitymoving me into a different state of mind.A nice one.A calm one.
They speak to my earsBut not just speak,but sing.Translating their thoughts,then relating to my thoughts.The melody.
Everyday is a different voice.Different style and different art.They travel with meEverywhere, I go.They follow.
The mood and rush they go into.The mixed emotionsit all reveals.Yes, it is music to my ears

5) Found Poem

"The Encounter..."

Hey,Every time y'all go out it's the Central kids.Seriously?I'm not going to force you.Oh wow.Nobody cares.You and your smart Asian girls.I'm not going to force you.Oh wow!Bye bro.

6) "I was raised by.." Poem

"I was raised by the Media..."

I was raised byThe wonderfully spoken words,Rhythmically sounding noise of pop,Kind of Music.
"Boom, boom, boom"Bass blasting upon my earsGoing through a type of beatThat do make your spirit soar,Type of Music
Press play.Touched by music.Press play.A new world visualized.Press playto a whole new dimensions,Sort of Music.
I was raised bythe soothing soundsof inspirationsthat I smiled to.

7) Artwork:

"A Tribute to Headphones" (Artwork)Artwork .JPG

8) Audio:

"A Tribute to Headphones" (Audio)

9) Poem of my choice:

"Stay Motivated"

From shining sun to dancing stars,life has knocked me down.The same path I followedThe same dream I followedI will overcome it all.
Powerful as I amas strong that I amI say to myself,Get up on your feet.Keep your head up.Make a voiceMake a Change.I will do it all.
Experiences that I faced,the different emotionsmay it be forgotten.Move on and climb the mountain.I will accomplish it allFor Myself.

10) Detailed Study:

William Blake


William Blake is an English poet, painter, and printmaker, who lived before the Civil War. He lived in a very simple times and been through very types of events. Because of that, he interprets the things he sees and puts it into a poem. The time period that he is in influenced his writing styles, like the words he used in many of his poems. For example, the “To Spring” poem, the words used are from a different time period, the time period in which he was born. “Come o'er the eastern hills, and let our winds/Kiss thy perfumed garments;” One of his best features in writing poems is his choice of words and making them rhyme. Almost every line of his poems rhyme. The “To Spring” poem, Blake describes the image of spring. The sun shining through the windows and the sounds of the birds chirping in the first stanza. This created a larger image when he says “O thou with dewy locks, who lookest down/Thro' the clear windows of the morning,” The translation of this is winter just looking down upon spring, as spring arrives. He never mentioned any emotions that the poem expresses. But the reader can get a sense of emotions through the imageries he described and the symbols of spring. He arranged this strategically, which developed a good use of imagery and tone of the poem.

One of his important aspects of writing poems is making the stanzas rhyme, AABB. AABB is his rhyming scheme in almost everyone of his poems. He cleverly used this to develop words that matches the time period that he is in, Romantic era. During that time period, religion was a major aspect of cultural life. “At his curse the sun went down,/ And the heavens gave a frown.” from the “Two Songs” poem. This poem investigates between heaven and hell. The Romantic era greatly influenced his writing in the time period he is in. Most of his poems deal with the concept of religion and a technique of rhyming. His poems almost sounds like a lullaby because of his rhyming schemes and he uses languages from his time period, which is his unique way of poetry writing. After reading his poems, you would have like a bunch of images in your mind. His poetic line are all rhyming, which makes the poem flow like a breeze and having a bunch of images gathered in your mind like a collage. It would lead your emotions to deep thinking of what the poem is about because of the various imagery he uses in his poems.