"Poetry is the universal language" _William Hazlitt

1) Memory Poem

Only if tears I cry can bring back my childhood,
Only if the memories can be destroyed,
Only if I was able to be a kid all over again,
Only if screaming in dark rooms and being angry can make me unconscious about life,
See my life wasn't always easy I had to learn everything the hard way,
To me everything was going side ways
wishing and hoping that everything goes my way,
And I'm sick of the whole world standing above me,
We live in a world of judgmental people and ignorant people who are too ignorant to wake up to reality,
They need to accept the fact that everyone's unique in their own ways,

people think that they can predict my problems,

You see I don't have a problem,

so to everyone telling That I have ADHD, Or ADD seem to care a lot,
they call it caring but I call it sinking me in,

but only if they knew what my problem really was they won't not dare have the boldness to predict me,
My problem is not a problem is a gift from god,
I have flowers dancing in my head only if you can see that than you'll see that my problems can't be measure by no stupid psychologist,
Manipulating me into betraying this mericle of my lord,
Some also say that I play too much,
what I'm suppose to do if I didn't get enough time to play as a kid,
what I'm I suppose to do if my life as a kid was the hell I never dreamed of,
I am trying to replace my childhood with my life today,
so I am going to continue to play until I replace every broken pieces of my bad childhood memories into goods,

They said that you can't fix a broken mirror because you'll cut yourself putting it back together,
but i swear to allah suhanah wata allah that I will prove them,
even if it take me years i will get it done,
Even though you can't replace a master piece with a sathetic blueprint but I will keep trying until i can't anymore,


My life was stolen from me,
can't you see that?,
Even if Dr. Somchai Kiangsiri re event the world's best time machine,
It will not be good enough to take me back and snacth my stolen childhood,
everyday I cry tears bigger than the nile river,
But 'll stand tall and strong like MT Everest,

+Lots of emotion. I really like when you said "My life was stolen from me, cant you see that"
+Nice use of background information.
+You used lots of very good descriptive words.
-Some spelling mistakes
-In the second stanza change the "I'm to Am I"
-Maybe you could get a little deeper and explain why/how your childhood was stolen from you.

2) Riff Poem (steal a line and make it your own)

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ,
Eleanor Roosevelt, This is My Story
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ,
They tried to break me into the words they wanted me to be,
but no matter what 'll stand up high,
Higher Than the empire state building,
I'll stand tall,
Taller than The twin towel,
I'll shine,
shine brighter than the sun @12 noon during the summer,
Because no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ,

3) An Ode Poem
My best-friend bought me
a coat,
with the money she sweated for,
and with the generosity her heart demanded her to do,
she used her hands to put them together,
puse under her nails
took her day and night trying to put together this coat of mine,
walking around finding stones and pieces of art work to add a little glow to it,
She was slowly building my personality with her natural resources,

Nevertheless, I resisted the sharp temptation in my heart,
to not see the picture the way she sees it,
printed heart all over my coat she cut her hands putting it together,
showing that no matter what happened she'll stay around,

This was a sign of attraction,
She really didn't mean it when she called me best-friend,
she wanted to be more,
Using the coat as a advantage to get into my heart,

+Very interesting topic
+Nice use of descriptive words
+I like how you explained how she was using the coat to get close to your heart.
-A few grammer mistakes
-don't repeat the same nouns over and over again
- talk about your emotions when you got the coat

Found Poem

I'm tire of chasing disappointments,
Life has it own purpose,
Fuck life,
You think I have time for this bulshit,
Ain't no body got time for this,
I saw it on twitter not instagram,
How do people lie,
Do it again,
what band is next?
oh okay,

I was raised Poem

I was raised by powerful words of art,
Too heavy to be held,
Too strong to be broken,
Too broken to sound normal,
My tongue is tatted by invisible arts,
That can't be defined,
My tongue is the underground rail roads,
and it's going to take years before it can be figured out,
before they know the importance to this miracle of god it's going to be too late,
My togue's art is way better than Pablo Picasso's best creations,
My tongue is a nation that can't be shattered,
Con estas palabras my world will never come to an end,
I was raised by tongue twisters,
people who made sure you weren't thinking in one language,
People who made sure you mastered every other language as if it were "your mother tongue",
Twisting every bit of your ridge to move in different directions,

I was raised not to let my sublingual take control over my mouth,
But letting my words destroy facts about sublingual and turn it into a mystery,
I was raised by walking polyglots,
who would not let any child go until they followed their ancestors path,
My conscious once told me,
You would be the queen of words,
because language is just a bunch of words combined together,
My tongue is a puzzle,
and you Khadijah would master that.

+ Great topic
+ Nice descriptions
?Can you include quotes?
?Can you strengthen the last line?
?Want to use repetition?