"Poetry is the silent voice that is heard everywhere inside of us"

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Hi, I'm Klarissa Hudson and this is my poetry wiki page. Below are 6 poems that I have written for my english class. The poems range from found to memory to rifts. The first is a memory poem called "Time Against Time" which covers an event from my childhood. The next one is a short rift poem named "Forget" that goes into a forbidden love. Then there is the "Ode To His Heart" about a friend I have who's had a rough life. There's also a picture and recording that goes with the poem. After that is the found poem called "Party To Problem" that is just me putting random lines together to go into one issue my friend has to deal with in his life. Next is the "I Was Raised By Depression" poem that talks of the things I do in life and deal with by myself. This poem also comes with a picture that I drew to represent it. The last poem is "The Air" that is about a girl who committed suicide and doesn't want her brother to revive her. So please enjoy and leave me comments if you want. I'm always open to seeing what people think.

Memory poem

Time Against Time

Go back.
I wish we could all just go back.

Back to before it all happened.
Way before we all went wrong.
Before this changed the order of the house.

Maybe if my parents were home it would have been different.
Maybe if we weren't playing so much it wouldn't of had such a drastic ending.
Maybe if I didn't scream at the top of my violently shaking and vibrating lungs....he would have killed her.

My brother.
A boy so hung up on girls and being a man that his smile is broken and everything escalates too quickly.
My sister.
A girl so passionate about being all she can be through the sound of her flowing flute and looks of her linguistic lines of art.
My parents.
So opposite and contradicting that they haven't even figured out a way to sit in the same room after 27 years of marriage.
A young girl so abused and messed up in her body and mind that everywhere she goes there is a person shoving her around.

We giggled.
We went all over the house playing games.
Laughing as we looked left and right while we lept from activity to activity.
We had a blast that will only last in my past.

He got upset.
We were loud and wild and not listening to what he said.
We went too far.
Picking, poking, prodding, and pestering him.

Until he snapped.
Gripping my sister by her throat.
Holding her so high off the floor that her feet barely met the floor.
Eyes so wide with fear that I could see the fear building in her pupils and tipping over with her tears.

God I screamed so loud.
So hard.
So much that my voice gave out faster than my tears reached brims of my chin.
So passionately that every sound that boomed from my lips was a piece of my love for them both.

He let her go.
Her body sagged against the wall as he put her down softly.
Then he walked out without looking back.

Rift poem


You're wrong for me.
We both know this.
But then why do you always come see me like this.
Always using your smile.
So big and more spectacular than spiderman they spin me in their webs.
Using your eyes.
So deep and wide with hunger.
When you blink the hunger rolls off your eyelashes and punches me in the heart.
God it hurts but makes me groan like a beast.
Using your voice.
Sending your harmonic sound waves into my eardrums.
They ring, bing, cling, and send a shiver down my sensitive spine.
Oh you're too much.
Your body sends out a wave of hormones that blasts me to ecstasy before we even collide.
I must resist.
I can't let myself become a prisoner to you but...oh I want you so bad.
I become a mirror that can't close it's eyes to your longing.
If only just for tonight.
Lets combine our mirrors until our glass centers crash and crumble onto the floors all mixed together.
We'll combine until we can't tell the difference between my glass shards and yours.
Don't let go of my body until we're molded together.
Let's bump, thump, and hump the night away with only beds, floors, walls, and desks as our support.
We'll go until our bodies are numb and breaths come out in ragged pants.
We now belong to each other forever.
I love you and I won't let any brooms, brushes, or breeze push us apart.

Ode poem

Ode To His Heart

Turned off.
The phrase to describe the feelings he lets come from his heart.
Shipped away from others.
Given bruises from the same people who combined to conceive him.
He's hurting.
Feeling unloved and abandoned and forgotten cause...
There was no one to help him up when he got pushed down.

But his heart.
Under all the soot of his past it's still breathing.
Beating, bopping, and bumping around in his chest gasping for the small air it gets as he gives a little emotion.
It's strong.

Even though his body has given up hope packing up it's things.
Even though his mind got so knocked up it held up the white rag in defeat.
His heart stays strong.
Even though to many it seems he is all lost and cannot be saved.
I won't let him drown.
I refuse to give up on a person who is suffering, needs that one hand to grip theirs tightly.
To plant their feet and pull with them all their might until he is unstuck.

His soul is crying.
Weeping with weakness blowing around it and whipping it with the belt of insecurity.
He's giving up to his problems.
Saying he doesn't care and there's no hope left for a boy as messed up as him.

But I see his heart.
Underneath the dark musty depression surrounding it.
There's a dim light.

Small and light but still there.
It still beats strong inside him and gives him life.
Gives him hope.
Gives him a future.
Gives him a reason to keep trying.


Scan 2.jpeg

Found poem
Party To Problem

Man come on!
Lets get this party started.
I don’t have any ghetto music.
It can be anything you want.
Do you need help with anything?
I’m done already.

Can I have a tissue?
I’m not in the mood today.
I was a pure chicken on a farm.
I don’t understand at all.
She sabotaged me again. They extended my probation. I could end up doing time.
I’m here for you cause you were there for me.

"I Was Raised By..." poem

I Was Raised By Depression

I was raised by depression.
Taught the ways of its life.

Given lessons and classes and lectures on the right way to live by it.
Given multiple years of my life to the classes.
Making shelves among shelves to hold all the medals, trophies, awards, and certificates from doing such a great job in school.

I work hard.
To follow the rules and regulations of depression.
Not to smile unless it’s fake.
Not to roll up my sleeves unless my cuts are healed.
Not to ever leave my bedroom without at least one rubber band on each wrist.

I work hard.
To be fine with being taken advantage of and treated wrong by those I hold dear.

I take it all.
The acidic vomit they throw at me when no one else is around to take the piles and piles of pent up anger.

I take it all.
Let the hands of a lover bruise and break the thing that used to be my temple. It is now their punching bag to release the stress from their heart.

I give everything.
Letting people take whatever I can give or more.
Cause I know happiness won’t come.
So why even try to satisfy when I can just deny myself the things can’t have.
I’ll let life lead me left, right, or down the center.

I was raised by depression.
Taught the ways of its life.

I think I’ll pass this year with a B+.
Isn’t that great?


Scan 3.jpeg

Original Poem

The Air

Breathe Danna!
Damn it! You have to breathe!
Open your saliva filled mouth and flare your blood filled nostrils.
Take in the air!

He wanted me to breath.
To open up one of these wet liquid filled passageways.
And breathe.
To take a deep inhale and exhale that keeps me farther from hell.
I will rebel.

I refuse to go and breathe in the air of this world any longer.
It is full of mischievous munching molecules that mimic monstrous bastards until I go mad.

It spreads.
Sending sadistic sensations and temptations to peoples brains.
They turn people to puppets and puppies that pester each other and hump any leg they can grasp.
They are all followers frollicking in the flowers of false lives and laughing loudly like liquor filled lilies.

They destroys hearts.
Setting out fake bait for all the bodies of people who want someone to love them.
Beating and bursting the love bubble that the people had blew up for them.
They throw them away like rotten milk after taking that one whiff.

I am done with this world.
There’s no point of being earthbound to this ground with all this sound that can pound and astound anything it comes into contact with.

This air is unsafe.
Filled with wicked waste that fills up our heads with dirty thoughts.
Sending off hazardous smells that blurs and blinds the visions of peoples hidden hearts.
Blowing around the repetitive rifts and waves of reckless behaviors.

This air is polluted.
Filled from molecule to molecule with some sort of toxic gas that has been slashed out of peoples mouths everyday
I can't endure this demonic tectonic world any longer.
The air is always changing like the shifting plates under all our feats.

I am done.
Let me go.
This has nothing for me except destruction.
I'm want to leave on my own terms.
It wasn't some accident that I got hit by that car last week.
It wasn't some crazy coincidence when the radio fell into the bathtub while I was in it.
Don't keep me in this terrible tirade of a world any longer.
Big brother...don't give me anymore CPR.
I'm ready to meet papa i heaven.
Maybe you can come join us when you're ready.

Poet: Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver was a very emotional poet. There wasn’t one poem that didn’t show some sort of emotion and personal experience to her or someone else. Every poem had her personal signatures. She would use nature, repeat words to start lines in a stanza, and using deep descriptions.

In her poems she goes to great lengths to express the importance of nature. She thinks highly of the environment and feels that we can learn from it. Nature is something that Mary holds dear to her heart and appreciates it. “to keep us from ever-darkness/ to ease us with warm touching/to hold us in the great hands of light/–good morning, good morning, good morning.” The sun provides happiness and light to the earth in Mary’s eyes from her Why I Wake Early.

Mary also uses repetitive words in her poem stanzas. From using ‘and’ to ‘did’ in the beginning of each line. “Did you too see it/Did you see it/ Did you hear it.” Asking readers if they have changed their lives after getting to know nature in The Swan. “Meanwhile the world/Meanwhile the sun/Meanwhile the wild geese.” Telling readers that the world is open for them full of adventures, excitement, and forgiveness in Wild Geese. “To be where you are/ To keep us/ To ease us/ To hold us.” Ms. Oliver gives multiple thanks to the sun and points out all the things that it does in Why I Wake Early.

Mary Oliver has one other main thing she loop’s into her poetry; deep descriptions. The explicit using of words to express a person, place, or thing. It is used in every single one of her poems at least twice in every stanza. “To hold us in the great hands of light” from Why I Wake Early and “Rising into the silvery air” from The Swan. “Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain are moving across the landscape” from Wild Geese. “Nothing between me and the white fire of the stars/ Grappling with a luminous doom” from Sleeping In The Forest.

Mary Oliver was a woman of many talents in her life. One of which was writing poetry that expressed the things she felt passionate about. Her poems were deep and perfect with getting her messages across to the readers. Mary was detailed and to the point with what she wanted to convey at all times. She is an inspirational poet that loves nature and everything in it.