"Poetry is the doorway to the soul" -Floria

The poems on my wiki tend to differ. They are based on my emotion at the time. A lot of them involve my family or just crucial moments in my life. I tried putting myself into my poems. To where, hopefully someone can see through my eyes. In a few poems I tried to include different forms of punctuation though it’s set to a point where until you are able to see my poems my way you might not notice it. My poems tend to focus around sad moments of my life because when I write that’s all my mind heads to. It gives me a reason to write so I try to acknowledge that everything is in the past by writing about it. The different ways poetry is written give me free range in expressing my emotions. Overall my poems give a clear insight on how I feel and how all the situations I write about shaped me into the person I am today. My Poems will show a hopefully unique experience that may run parallel to a readers life.

Memory Poem

It was Bright
Loud noises were everywhere
My Parents were Petrified
But I wasn't

I was Naive

Doctors kept checking on me
There faces had no expression
Saying words that I couldn't understand
Leaving me to sit there

I was Naive

The doctors said it's time
and my parents started crying.
As I was pulled away I wondered, Why me?

But I was Naive

Rift Poem

Everyday it's the same
you start shouting
Everyones the enemy
all cause of someones mistake.

You take your rage out
On everyone who didn't start this
only because what you have
isn't good enough.

When get to me
You're not mad
just upset
because you realize
that what your running towards isn't what you want.

Ode to my laptop

I was given a laptop
To signify my success
of acceptance
The Laptop
with a sleek white design
Showing like me
It has nothing to hide
With a bright screen
that crys for attention
While you clean it
almost like a small child.
Wondering all the feats that it could.

But I decided against myself
to use the laptop for my needs
I would use for what it stands for
A symbol of hard work
and use it to prove
that all my hard work was worth it.

I was Raise by

I was raised by
a teeth clenching
mind boggling
self teaching
"we can't help you, help yourself"
kind of knowledge.

Power full
fear conquering
world seeing
truth seeking
kind of knowledge

Some goal chasing
"You can do better"
and "never good enough"
Some doubt raising
Family supporting
"Don't be like us"
Kind of knowledge.

Some world turning
Back breaking
soul crushing
"You aren't like everyone else"
Truth hurting
Kind of knowledge.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 3.38.59 PM.png
Found Poem
" I'm not waiting that long"
" Your Mom can wait"
"It's not your fault"
"But I feel bad though"
"Well Don't"
"Why is she so upset"
"Nothing ever changes'
"Why would you want to?"
"It's all right"
"I'm not mad"

My own Poem
This is my own poem.
To say what i want,
Except if it's something about You.
To talk moments i went through
Except not to talk about me but You.
To say my wants
but only if they fit in with what You want.
To talk about how i'm always somehow happy
Because i have to include the anger You always feel.
I hope You realize
'i'm not writing my own poem
i;m writing Yours.

Robert Bly
Robert Bly is an American Poet that is heavily influenced by his environment. Many Poems consist of him describing the environment. He gives life to certain times of the day such as in “Surprised by Evening” where he says, “The evening arrives; we look up and it is there/It has come through the nets of the stars.” He gives life to the evening as if it is a real living thing and how magnificent it is for it to appear everyday. Robert even talks about how he sees a beauty of everyday things that others cannot see such as in “Snowfall in the afternoon” where he says, The barn is full of corn and moves toward us now /Like a hulk blown toward us in a storm at sea;/All the sailors on deck have been blind for many years. He showing that the barn in this poem has a gift that only he can see. Many of his poems have a very normal approach. Such as in “Poems in three parts” where he describes something as simple as getting up in the morning. He says, Rising froma bed where I dreamt/Of long rides past castles and hot coals the morning is such a simple thing but he gives clear a stronger meaning behind it. In another short poem “in a train” he talks about a brief time he is on a train. “There has been a light snow/Dark car tracks move in out of the darkness/I stare at the train window marked with soft dust” this poem is such a small period in time yet the poet remembers a detail so clearly as dust on to the window. This shows that his environment has not only impacted his way of writing but also impacted his the way he views the world.