I've always written poetry but never really learned about it in school, it was just something that came from within. This year learning about poetry, writing poems and learning about many amazing poets was a wonderful experience. The poems below, they all revolve around personal connections with things in my life. One thing to look for is my "Ode" poem, which is about my love bracelet. The bracelet was given to me from someone special. I really like that poem because while reading it you can't tell that its about a bracelet at all. Feel free to read any of my poems. I hope the poems will be enjoyable.

"Poetry is the universal language..." William Hazlitt

Memory poem: Unknown
Hand in hand.
Walking to a place unknown.
Complaining to not go.
But then.

Through the open door, lie
so many little faces unknown.
All sitting on a carpet, starring.
Starring as I stood beside mom.
I look up at her and into her eyes,
my eyes start to water.
A river flowed down my cheek.

A unknown lady walked forward.
Speaks in a language so unknown.
They all speak in the language unknown.
But a language I must learn.

She looked at me, pulled me toward
the carpet but I didn't let go of mom.
Mom letted go and made me understand.
Mom sat in the back.
Left me with these unknown people.

I went and sat down next to my mom's, friend son.
The lady spoke and the children answered her questions,
as I sat there quietly being unknown.
I looked back at mom but she told me to focus.

So I did. Listened and tried to understand the lady.
She went on and on about something I didn't even know.
But then came the fun part. She gave us books with pictures
to color in and some colorful pencils. I got busy.

Then I looked back.
I didn't see my mom.
Didn't know where she was.
Then I ran to the window.
Pushed my face so close.
Looked through.
Tears rolled down my small cheeks.
And there she was, outside.
Walking away from here and
leaving me in a place unknown.

Riff poem: Because of you
Because of you,
I'm not who I am anymore.
But am a better person

Because of you,
I learned to love myself more
and worry less about what the world thinks of me.

Because of you,
I learned to make better choices.
And to stay on the safe side.

Because of you,
I am more happy.

Ode poem: Ode
From one loved one to another.
From one hand to another.
It was passed down.

With skin so soft and smooth.
You wear too of my favorite color,
pink and black.
Your smell is so addictive.

Holding you complets my world.
You are part of me in every way.
I see my loved ones face in you.
We are so close,
Yet I hide you from the world.

The worlds to harsh.
Reveling you is dangerous.
You must stay where its safe.
Close to me and in my hands.

Found poem: Lost
You keep losing things.
You'r careless.
First time okay,
Second time fine,
Constantly NOT OKAY!!

Are you even listening.
You don't listen.
It goes in one ear, comes out the next.
You lost out trust,
You need to earn it back.

You'r just lost.

I was raised by: Expectations
I was raised by…
Listening and taking everything in.
Keeping thing in.
Not saying things to the world.

Kind of expectations.
Sort of expectations.
Type of expectations
Kind of rules
Sort of

7) Art work
This drawing goes with my "Lost" poem

8) Audio recording

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This audio goes with my "Lost" poem.

My poem
There comes a time in life,
where we stop and think
think about the actions and
amazing people in our life.

We have to accept things
get over them as time goes by.
A time where to save
two peoples happiness
thousands are hurt
and to save a thousands
only two are hurt.

As time goes by these things grow much bigger,
later tends to kill us into pieces.
There’s a time when I will be with you all the time.
No one will stop me from reaching you and your love.

Detail study
Sonia Sanchez is an African American poet, playwright, teacher and activists. She is a poet with such a innocent heart yet her poems expresses so much pain in such a beautiful way. Many have given her the label revolutionary, a people’s poet, and an inspiration.Her early works, in poetry, were about politics and problems many African American’s had during the 1960’s. Those works are shown in her book “homecoming” that was written in 1969. Later her poetry work has been more open and about other things. She has written a lot of poems about other people. “A poem for my father” a poem in which she combines her memories about her father into, a very heart touching poem. In that poem she also brings in dialects. Another poem she wrote about someone is called “To Anita", she uses a lot of colors and objects as descriptions. Her poems don't have a sense of grammer, she writes like a bird flying freely, without boundaries. When reading her poems is sounds as though the poem is very personal to her. She also writes a lot of Haikus, tanka, and sonku. She has a huge variety of haiku's written. Some that are every small and can be tied together to create a poem but perhaps thats not how Sonia Sanchez prefers it.